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Individual Counseling Service Agreement

Individual Counseling Service Agreement
1.  Individual counseling services provided at NCKU Counseling Center are free of charge for 

     current students and faculty members.

2.  Each counseling session is held for 50 minutes.

3.  When an appointment is unable to keep, please inform the Center 24hr prior the scheduled time.

     (TEL: (06)275-7575 ext 50330 ~ 50336)

4.  Any information, data, and/or record that shared, received, and/or obtained by NCKU

     Counseling Center is fully confidential.  These records belong to the center and are NOT part

     of student academic records.  The limits of confidentiality may break when:

(1) Client gives prior written authorization,

(2) Client is a clear danger to self or others,

(3) Legal involvement, (as in the case of the presence of child or elderly abuse;

     court-ordered disclosures; Mental Health Act; etc).

5.  Client has the right to terminate the counseling service at anytime.  However, a pre-termination

     counseling session should be conducted prior termination.      

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