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About CWSD


Maintaining your health and wellbeing is an important priority.


You may be challenged by a variety of stressors including adjustment to a new life here at NCKU and general issues that can be associated with life as a student. Sometimes it is not easy to reach out for help due to the nature of the issues. One way to help yourself is seeking counseling.

Counseling is a collaborative and confidential relationship with a psychologist. By participating in counseling, you can explore ways that you are stuck mentally and emotionally.


Counseling and Wellness Services Division (CWSD) provides counseling, referral to psychiatrists, psychotherapy, consultation, and prevention services that facilitate students’ academic and life goals. CWSD also strives to enhance students’ personal growth and well-being. CWSD offers a number of groups and workshops ever semester. Unlike talking to a psychologist individually, psychotherapy/psychological groups focus on the genuine interaction among participants and facilitators.


You can also expect to benefit from psychological testing and assessment. If a student is having difficulties at school or in personal relationships, tests can help a psychologist understand what may contribute to it and how to tackle this problem. 





Mission statement

  1. Individual counseling:
    To assist students coping with personal problems ,facing crises, and desiring developmental growth. We encourage development of the "whole person" in the interrelated realms of intellectual ,emotional and social functioning.
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  2. Group guidance:
    Students seek to meet most of their basic and personal-social needs through group facilitator's help, including the need to know and grow mentally; thus, groups are a most natural and expeditious way to learn. Groups tend to focus on particular issues and may be either time-limited or long-term. Some have an academic focus .Others have a personal or interpersonal focus.
  3. Standardized tests:
    Help students understand and evaluate their interest, ability, aptitude, achievement, values and character. They may provide information to assist a person in making personal educational and career decisions.
  4. Mentor services and parental discussion meeting:
    Help mentors and parents understand student's aptitude, interest, personality, learning and family situation. Caring for student life , learning ,career and mental health.





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