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Psychologists for English Counseling



I look forward to meeting with international students at NCKU. Living in a foreign country isn’t easy. Talking to a psychologist would be helpful.


Kun-Yi Chen

Licensed Counseling Psychologist



  • M.S. Education in Community Counseling, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
  • Mindfulness Approach


Male Psychological Issues/Coping with Stress, Sexuality Issues, Family Issues, and Multicultural Counseling

Responsible for Mental Health:

Department of Electrical Engineering

Institute of Computer & Communication Engineering

Institute of Microelectronics

Department of Industrial Design

Institute of Creative Industry Design

Institute of International Management (IMBA)




「 Be the first author in your life.」



Zi-Ping Cheng

Licensed Counseling Psychologist



  • M.S. Community Counseling, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Narrative Therapy, Collaborative Therapy


Life transitions and adjustments, coping with stress, interpersonal and relationship issues, career and development, LGBTQ.

Responsible for Mental Health:

International Student Counseling
Institute of Civil Aviation
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Geomatics
Institute of Space and Plasma Sciences
Institute of International Business
Institute of Behavioral Science
International Institute of Medical Device Innovation
International Degree Program on Energy Engineering

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