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Life is endless learning and challenges! No experience in life is wasted. Everything we experience eventually becomes nutrients of life.


Ling-Chen Liao

Licensed Clinical Psychologist




  • M.S. Institute of Behavioral Medicine College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Client-Center Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Existential Psychotherapy


Self-growth, interpersonal issue, issue of intimate relationship, emotion and stress management, loss of relationship, family issue, career issue, mental symptom

Responsible for Mental Health:

Program of Bachelor's Degree

International Bachelor Degree Program on Energy





Reason is the guide and light of life.


Wen-Yao Chang

Licensed Clinical Psychologist




  • M.S. Department of Psychology, National Chengchi University

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Obsessive compulsive disorder, sleep disturbance, anxiety-related disturbance

Responsible for Mental Health:

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of History

Department of Taiwanese Literature

Department of Mathematics

Department of Accountancy

Institute of Finance & Banking

Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

Department of Physiology

Institute of Clinical Medicine

Institute of Art

Institute of Archaeology





We put labels on others to understand , then we put labels on ourselves to let people understand us. After all we just want to be a whole person, to see each other in our eyes, and exchange temperature.


Jhe-Wei Shie

Licensed Counseling Psychologist




  • M.S. Education, Educational Psychology and Counseling Division, Institute of Education, National Chiao Tung University

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Existential Psychotherapy
  • Group Counseling of Self-Exploration with Picture Books


Self-exploration and identity issues, relationship issues, romantic relationship and break up issues, LGBT issues

Responsible for Mental Health:

Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Department of Chemistry

Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering

Department of Psychology

Department of Political Science

Department of Economics

Graduate Institute of Political Economy

Institute of Education


  • Licensed Counseling Supervisor by Taiwan Counseling Psychology Association





A crisis can be an opportunity for making changes. Life is and adventurous journey with exploration and expansion.




Ching-Yi Chien

Licensed Counseling Psychologist




  • M.S. Institute of Counseling psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling, National Kaohsiung Normal University

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Relationship-focused approach


Self-exploration and career development,

interpersonal and family relationship, emotional and stress management, relaxation skills training, debriefing group.

Responsible for Mental Health:

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Chinese Literature

College of Bioscience & Biotechnology

School of Medicine

Institute of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

School of Pharmacy

Department of  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Department of Pharmacology

Institute of Behavioral Medicine

Institute of Bacis Medicine Sciences


  • Licensed counseling supervisor by TCTA
  • Licensed hypnotic therapist by NGH
  • Aroma therapist by NAHA
  • Awarded “excellent counselor” of friendly campus program, Ministry of Education, 2015.





I look forward to meeting with international students at NCKU. Living in a foreign country isn’t easy. Talking to a psychologist would be helpful.




Kunyi Chen

Licensed Counseling Psychologist




  • M.S. Education in Community Counseling, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
  • Mindfulness Approach


Male Psychological Issues/Coping with Stress, Sexuality Issues, Family Issues, and Multicultural Counseling

Responsible for Mental Health:

Department of Electrical Engineering

Institute of Computer & Communication Engineering

Institute of Microelectronics

Department of Industrial Design

Institute of Creative Industry Design

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of System and Naval Mechatronic Engineering

Department of Microbiology & Immunology






Make the best choice for yourself all the time.




Min-Hsien Hsu

Licensed Clinical Psychologist




  • M.S. Clinical Psychology, Institute of Behavioral Medicine, National Cheng Kung University

Psychotherapy Approach

  • Choice Theory


Emotion regulation

Responsible for Mental Health:

Department of Environmental Engineering

Department of Business Administration

Department of Public Health

Institute of Oral Medicine



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